Cleaning / Deep Cleaning


30-45 minutes





About cleaning / deep cleaning

We recommend that you get your teeth cleaned twice or three times a year depending on your oral hygiene. When you come in for your appointment, we will go over a customized step by step routine so you can also improve your oral hygiene at home.

How do you know you have gum disease?
You have bleeding gums, your gums are hurting, your teeth are moving or when you come for your comprehensive dental evaluation, we detect on your x-rays significant bone loss around your teeth. In those cases, we will recommend a deep dental cleaning. Dr. Germain works with an American trained periodontist, Dr. Georgios Chatzopoulos who will be able to assist you. 

Dr. Chatzopolous is one of the few periodontist in London trained in the USA and performing the pinhole technique. He also can assist with root planning, deep cleaning, gingival grafting, implant placements and sinus lifts.

All treatments are offered on a private basis and costs are prepared in advance.

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