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About Dentures

Dentures are a removable type of dental appliance designed to replace missing teeth. They are generally supported by natural teeth and soft tissues. As they can be taken out of the mouth, cleaning and maintenance is much easier. Dentures usually require around five to six visits to carry out the necessary stages. 

There are different types of dentures described below:

Complete dentures

These dentures are for patients looking to replace all of their teeth in either their upper or lower jaw. These dentures rely on suction from the oral anatomy, musculature and saliva in the mouth. If the denture requires additional support, this can be achieved with implants on locator attachments. 

Partial dentures

These are removable appliances that are designed to replace a single or a few missing teeth. These dentures will often be supported by natural teeth and the soft tissues. They can be made from a high impact acrylic or a framework made from metal (cobalt-chrome) or a resin. 

For patients who require dentures, Dr Germain works with Dr Krishan Davda, who holds a strong passion and enthusiasm for removable prosthodontics (dentures). He strives to provide patients with dental appliances that are both functional and aesthetic. 

Keeping up with the latest innovations, Dr Davda is part of the digital dentistry team at Leeds Dental Institute where they are carrying out clinical trials on 3D-printed dentures. He also holds a certificate in Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry (Distinction) from the prestigious Eastman Dental Institute (UCL).

All treatments are offered on a private basis and costs are prepared in advance

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