Root Canal Therapy


120 minutes





Can be done with painless anaesthesia: The Wand

About root canal therapy

When a patient complains of acute pain, constant throbbing or when a cavity is so big that it penetrates the canal inside the tooth, root canal therapy is needed. Root canal therapy disinfects the inside of the tooth by removing its nerve, ultimately saving the tooth and therefore avoiding its extraction.

Dr. Germain is delighted to work with Dr. Alberto Molina who has both a master and a PhD in Endodontics / root canal therapy. Dr. Molina deals with complex anatomy cases, secondary infections, cracked roots, instrument retrieval, abscess management, re root treatment and and calcified canals.

All treatments are offered on a private basis and costs are prepared in advance.

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Angelika L
Angelika L
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I would like to show my appreciation to the Dr. Alex, the best dentist in the city. She is a genius, super customer focused as well as very friendly and charming person. I did various complicated root canal treatments, fillings and some esthetical corrections afterwards. I am very pleased with her outstanding work. Highly recommended - thank you very much!