• Ideal for anxious patients
  • Quicker and as Effective numbing as conventional Anesthesia
  • The Wand is a pen-like computer delivering drops of anesthesia along the side of the tooth to be numbed.
  • Avoid the discomfort of having impressions taken inside your mouth
  • Faster, more precise and more comfortable
  • Avoids the impression taking when having crowns or porcelain fillings made
  • Ideal for Invisalign

Intra-oral camera

  • Great for patients to see their teeth like their dentist does
  • Patients can see cracks, caries and defects on their teeth.
  • An ideal reference tool to monitor progression

Digital X-rays

  • Decreases exposure to radiation by 80%
  • Can be modified to detect even smaller cavities

Digital photography

  • The best way to assess patient conditions in more detail
  • A great form of case study for dentists, once they leave the practice
  • Allows to offer a more complete and thorough range of treatment plan options