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Can be done with painless anaesthesia: The Wand

About veneers

If you don’t like the shape or shade of your teeth, even after bleaching, veneers can be a solution to your problem. Veneers or laminate veneers are very thin layers of porcelain ( they can be emax veneers for example ) that are bonded to the external surface of the teeth after they have been prepared and therefore altered permanently.

Veneers are a long-lasting change in both the texture and the shade of your teeth. Dr. Germain has extensive experience in crafting high-end veneers with all the different material types such as porcelain veneers, e-max veneers or laminate veneers. Dr. Germain also does composite veneers that often do not require preparation of the teeth. Composite veneers are low cost version of porcelain veneers and considered a more conservative approach.

All treatments are offered on a private basis and costs are prepared in advance.

Christiane Blatter
Christiane Blatter
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Dr. Germain is a fantastic dentist-as an American living in London I'm extremely pleased to have found a dentist delivering dental care and cosmetic results of the highest standard and I recommend her highly. She is very friendly, thorough and involves me into every step of the treatment so that I feel I am in excellent hands.

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